Submission Guideline

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Journal of Geomechanics was founded in 1995. It is a bimonthly academic journal supervised by the China Geological Survey and sponsored by the Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. It has been selected as the Chinese Core Journal, the Key Magazine of China Technology, and the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) Source Journal.

Aims & Scope

With the mission of “carrying forward J.S.Lee’s academic thoughts; seeking truth, innovation and development”, Journal of Geomechanics aims to display and spread the scientific research achievements in geomechanics.

This journal mainly reports the frontier trends and basic theoretical research findings in crustal movement, continental geological structure and its dynamic mechanism, etc. The journal also pays attention to the applied scientific research achievements in mineral resources exploration, geological disaster investigation and prevention, law of environmental change, etc.

Requirements on Manuscripts

Authors should carefully read the Rules for Writing Manuscripts (Chinese Version), and write or revise their manuscripts according to the relevant requirements.

Submission Instructions

1. Submission Method: Journal of Geomechanics adopts online submission. The official website of the online submission system is There are no other submission websites, and please pay attention to identifying fake websites. In principle, the journal does not accept submissions in any form other than the above-mentioned online submission system, except for specially commissioned manuscripts.

2. Before submission, please register as an author. We only accept the registration and submission of article authors, and no third party is allowed to write or submit manuscripts on behalf of authors! After registration, please complete your information and activate your account, then you can log into the online submission system and submit your manuscript. Please note that authors must fill in and sign the “Copyright Transfer Agreement”, “Conflict of Interest Statement” and “Author Contribution Statement”during submission, and submit them together with the manuscript.

3. After receiving the manuscript, the Editorial Office will process it within 1 month. If authors do not receive the acceptance notification from the journal in 3 months after submission, they have the right to submit their articles to other journals. Authors could log into this website at any time to check the review status and related information of their manuscripts. Before the start of the manuscript processing, authors can modify the manuscript information at any time via the online submission system. Once the Editorial Office starts to process the manuscript, the authors are not allowed to modify the manuscript at will. Only after the Editorial Office has returned the manuscript for revision, authors can modify it. Authors must not use the submission function to submit the modified manuscript again, otherwise it will be regarded as a new manuscript and the existing review results will be invalid. However, the author information of an article can be modified at any time via the online submission system. If there is any change in the authors’ personal information or contact information, please update it in time.

4. All manuscripts accepted by the journal will be published online. If the manuscript is published by the journal, we will make a payment to the authors for the transfer of the article’s copyright, including the remuneration for various ways of using the article such as using its print version, CD-ROM version and online version. Authors who do not agree to publish their articles in the electronic version (CD-ROM and online version), please indicate that in the manuscript.

5. Articles are generally published according to the time sequence of their acceptance. For innovative and cutting-edge research findings and special contributions, priority will be given to their publication.

6. After the accepted manuscript is printed, the proof will be sent to the authors for confirmation. Except for typographical errors, text and graphics in the article will generally not be changed. Authors should promptly confirm with the Editorial Office as required. After the publication of the article, the authors will be paid and given 2 printed copies of the issue.

Charging Standards

After the manuscript is accepted, the journal will charge authors for the publication of the manuscript, and this fee depends on the number of words, graphics, and review of the manuscript. The fee is used to support the article’s open access, review expenses and cost of publication materials, and needs to be paid by the authors, authors’ institutions or funding projects, etc. Detailed charging standards are as follows:

Article Processing Charges (APCs): 200 CNY per thousand words;

Review Fee: 200 CNY per reviewer for each article;

Graphic Fee: The graphic fee of an individual graphic depends on its complexity, color, the number of pages it occupies, etc. The charging range of the graphic fee is 200~500 CNY per graphic.

Based on the statistics of articles published in the journal, the total fee for the publication of each article is generally in the range of 3000~8000 CNY, and the average total fee for each article is about 5000 CNY. The total fee of your article would depend on its word count, the complexity and color of graphics, etc.

Other Information

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law, the Editorial Office has the right to edit the manuscripts submitted, and the authors' consent will be sought for the modification of the substantive content. Contributions are at authors’own risk, and authors are responsible for verifying the entire content of their articles to ensure that the content is correct and does not disclose confidential issues. Once relevant problems are found, the responsibility shall be borne by the authors.

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