Volume 23 Issue 2
Apr.  2017
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  • Received: 2016-12-30
  • Published: 2017-04-01
  • Ailaoshan gold metallogenic belt is one of the most important gold metallogenic belts of Himalaya epoch in China, and Daping gold deposit is the most representative gold deposit in this metallogenic belt. On basis of the introduction of the geological features of Daping gold deposit, taking the relevant theories and methods of ore-controlling structure analysis, mineral exploration and metallogenic prediction as the main means, comprehensive investigation and research work are carried out around the geological structure pattern of the Daping gold deposit, the type and nature of ore-controlling structure of the main gold belt, the geometrical shape and extension of the main ore bodies, and the spatial distribution characteristics of the gold bodies. It is believed that the main conductance structure of the deposit is Xiao xinjie fault, and the secondary fault system, formed under the influence of the left walking slide on Xiao xinjie fault, is the main reservoir structure. On this basis, the tectonic ore-controlling model and prospecting model are established, and the direction and space of the deep and peripheral ore-prospecting of the main ore belts are stated, which can provide scientific basis for the deep prospecting verification.


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