Volume 17 Issue 3
Sep.  2011
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PENG Hua, MA Xiu-min, JIANG Jing-jie, 2011. IN-SITU STRESS MEASUREMENT BY DIFFERENTIAL STRAIN ANALYSIS METHOD IN WFSD-1. Journal of Geomechanics, 17 (3): 249-261.
Citation: PENG Hua, MA Xiu-min, JIANG Jing-jie, 2011. IN-SITU STRESS MEASUREMENT BY DIFFERENTIAL STRAIN ANALYSIS METHOD IN WFSD-1. Journal of Geomechanics, 17 (3): 249-261.


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  • Received: 2011-05-30
  • Published: 2011-09-01
  • Core differential strain analysis method is one of the primary means of in-situ stress measurement in WFSD. Through the pressure vessel, the experimental samples taken from different depths are pressured. And it is observed that the produced cracks are re-closed due to the previously loss stratum stress. The technology is that the size and direction of principal stress are determined by differential stain analysis in the process of crack closure. This article describes the principle and data processing method of in-situ stress measurement by differential strain analysis (DSA) in WFSD-1. And the stress profile is established with depth in the hole. Test results show that the stress states of the upper and lower plate in the Yingxiu-Beichuan fault are significant differences. Regional in-situ stress not only increases with depth, but also concerns with the geological structure, rock physical properties and other factors.


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