Volume 19 Issue 4
Dec.  2013
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Citation: QI Bang-shen, HU Dao-gong, WANG Jin-shou, et al., 2013. ESR DATING OF THE PALAEOGENE IN MULI BASIN IN THE MIDDLE OF QILIAN MOUNTAINS AND ITS GEOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE. Journal of Geomechanics, 19 (4): 392-402.


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  • Received: 2013-07-23
  • Published: 2013-12-01
  • The technique of ESR was applied to determine the Cenozoic red beds, Muli Basin, therefore, we can get the age of sedimentary and tectonic deformation. The results indicated there were huge thick Cenozoic Red Beds and tectonic deformation geochronological data, well recording the uplift of Qilian Mountains. Based on the ESR dating, the Tertiary sediments include the Eocene to Oligocene Huoshaogou Formation (40.2~35.3 Ma), which consists mainly of lacustrine facies and the Oligocene Baiyanghe Formation (32.6~24.3 Ma), which consists lacustrine and fluvial facies. From late Eocene to early Oligocene, an obvious angular unconformity exists between the upper and lower strata and it can be inferred that Qilian Mountains area has been a tectonic deformation and uplift, which has corresponding connection with the early Cenozoic uplift of Qilian Mountains.


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