Volume 22 Issue 1
Mar.  2016
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DU Guo-liang, ZHANG Yong-shuang, GAO Jin-chuan, et al., 2016. LANDSLIDE SUSCEPTIBILITY ASSESSMENT BASED ON GIS IN BAILONGJIANG WATERSHED, GANSU PROVINCE. Journal of Geomechanics, 22 (1): 1-11.
Citation: DU Guo-liang, ZHANG Yong-shuang, GAO Jin-chuan, et al., 2016. LANDSLIDE SUSCEPTIBILITY ASSESSMENT BASED ON GIS IN BAILONGJIANG WATERSHED, GANSU PROVINCE. Journal of Geomechanics, 22 (1): 1-11.


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  • Received: 2015-08-07
  • Published: 2016-03-01
  • Based on geohazard data collections and field investigations in Bailongjiang watershed, this paper analyzed the statistical relationship of lithology, slope gradient, slope aspect, elevation, drainages, faults, vegetation coverage and landslide occurrence. The evaluation index system of susceptibility assessment was established and the landslide susceptibility assessment in Bailongjiang watershed was accomplished by using AHP method. The landslide susceptibility map was classified into four classes: very low, low, moderate, and high. The high landslide susceptibility areas, 13.59% of the study area, were mainly distributed along the faults and Bailongjiang River, and in the regions characterized by presence of soft rocks. The moderate landslide susceptibility areas, covering 27.85% of the study area, were mostly along the main roads and tributaries of the Bailongjiang River. The low landslide susceptibility areas, accounting for 33.09%, had relatively high elevation and vegetation coverage, and there were no faults passing through. The rest were very low landslide susceptibility areas, making up 25.46% of the study area. The results from the evaluation coincided well with the previous landslide occurrence, which could reflect general characteristics of landslide hazard development.


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