Volume 25 Issue 5
Oct.  2019
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ZHAI Mingguo, 2019. TECTONIC EVOLUTION OF THE NORTH CHINA CRATON. Journal of Geomechanics, 25 (5): 722-745. DOI: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2019.25.05.063
Citation: ZHAI Mingguo, 2019. TECTONIC EVOLUTION OF THE NORTH CHINA CRATON. Journal of Geomechanics, 25 (5): 722-745. DOI: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2019.25.05.063


doi: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2019.25.05.063
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  • Received: 2019-08-10
  • Revised: 2019-09-25
  • Published: 2019-10-31
  • The North China Craton (NCC) is a major tectonic unit of China. It is brought into focus to international Earth scientists, because of its complicated and complete geological records from Early Archean to Mesozoic. The tectonic evolution of the NCC can be classified into eight stages, which are as follows:Continental nuclei generation; Major growth of continental crust; Amalgamation of micro-blocks and cratonization; Great Oxygenation Event (GOE) and Paleo-Earth environment change; Paleoproterozoic mobile belt event and metamorphism of high-grade granulite facies; Proterozoic multi-stage rifting and Earth's Middle Age adjustment period; Paleozoic orogeneses along the margins of the NCC; Mesozoic tectonic regime inversion and de-cratonization. The tectonic evolution of the NCC as an example shows the Earth's irreversible evolution process with, specially, heat regime change. Although remaining controversial to mechanism of nuclei generation, it is undisputed that the continental crust grew from small to large in scale with multi-stages.~2.5 Ga cratonization is the most important event, and the amalgamation of micro-blocks is a fundamental process to accomplish stabilization. However, the amalgamation complied the dome-keel tectonic model (tectonic style of high-grade region and greenstone belt) is different from the Plate tectonics. After "the quiet period" during the Archean-Proterozoic boundary, the NCC recorded geological presentations of the Huronian Glaciation and GOE. The Paleoproterozoic mobile belt event includes rift-subduction-collision processes with metamorphism of high-grade granulite facies, indicating tectonic regime change from early heat tectonics to Early Plate Tectonics. The NCC was in an extensional tectonic setting over a long to 1.0 Ga critical epoch from~1.8 Ga to < 0.8 Ga, during which main geological activities included multi-stage rifting, multi-intracontinental magmatism and adjustment of lithosphere and texture between crust and mantle. The Paleozoic orogeneses occurred along the margins of the NCC, showing the tectonic activities between the Siberia, North China and South China blocks related to the Paleo-Mongolia Ocean and Paleo-Qinling Ocean. The Mesozoic tectonic regime inversion and basement reworking were shown by lithospheric thinning and a vast amount of crust-partial melting granites. The subduction of the Paleo-Pacific Ocean Plate to the NCC is considered as a main governing factor, but interaction with other circumjacent geological blocks are also considerable. The study on tectonic evolution of the NCC has global significance.


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