Volume 23 Issue 6
Dec.  2017
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  • Received: 2017-03-10
  • Published: 2017-12-01
  • The Songpan section of the Minjiang River mainly refers to the section from the source of the Minjiang River to Zhenjiangguan, which is located in the transition zone of the eastern margin of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Sichuan Basin, belonging to the source area of the Minjiang River. With complex topography and geomorphology, strong neotectonic movements, development of Quaternary strata, various landform types, and frequently occurred and large magnitude earthquakes, the study area is an ideal for studing the tectonic movements of Minjiang River fault zone since the late Cenozoic era. Based on the previous research, through field geological survey and profile measurement, the study focuses on the geomorphological characteristics of Zhangla Basin and Doujitai Basin, the characteristics of Quaternary sediments like types, material composition and distribution, the river terrace features of the main stream and tributaries of the Minjiang River in Songpan section are systematically measured and studied. It shows that the neotectonic movements had a controlling influence on the evolution process of the topography and geomorphology of the Quaternary Basin in Songpan section; Zhangla Basin and Doujitai Basin formed during late Miocene and early Pliocene, with an east-inclined normal fault at the west basin-controlling fault and a west-inclined reverse fault at the east. The basins formed in the process of "seesaw type" block movements with east up and west down, and we named them the "seesaw type" dustpan-like basins.Broad valley and narrow valley are alternately distributed in the Songpan section of the Minjiang valley; many lacustrine strata developed in the main stream and its tributaries, with dammed lakes as the sedimentary feature.6 grade river terraces, which mainly are eroded terraces and accumulation terraces, formed during the late Pleistocene to Holocene epoch, are the main type in the Songjiang section of the upper reaches of the Minjiang River. The terrace series has the characteristics of segmentation, and the width of terraces are different in different areas, which are obviously controlled by neotectonic movements. The neotectonic movements in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River shows the characteristics that the movements in N-S direction lie in narrow belt while those in E-W direction are different in tilt-lift, which means the upper reaches of Hongqiaoguan is overall a tectonic uplift area, with at least 3 times of tectonic uplift; the tectonic uplift intensity in Doujitai Basin is stronger than that in Zhangla Basin. There might be 6 times of tectonic uplifts in Gami temple area, and the tectonic uplift intensity in Hongqiaoguan area is much stronger than that in Zhangla Basin.


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