Volume 23 Issue 4
Aug.  2017
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  • Received: 2017-03-06
  • Published: 2017-08-01
  • The Bangong Co-Nujiang belt resulted from the convergence and collision between the Chiangtang and Lhasa blocks in late Mesozoic. The key issue in this tectonic study is when and how the belt was formed. With the Ando-Nyainrong block of the central segment of the Bangong Co-Nujiang belt as the study area, the ductile shear belts with approximately E-W strike developed in the internal basement of the block are studied based on ductile shear deformation analysis and syntectonic geochronology. The foliation and lineation measurement and analysis of the shear belts indicate tectonic compression with NE-SW strike. Through the test analysis of 40Ar/39Ar in syntectonic minerals, the age is worked out as 167 Ma. All the evidence shows that the central segment of the Bangong Co-Nujiang belt was caused under the convergence and collision between the Chiangtang and Lhasa blocks in the middle of Middle Jurassic, which provides direct tectonic evidence for the Jurassic deformation at the western margin of the East Asian continent.


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