Volume 23 Issue 4
Aug.  2017
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ZHANG Shuwei, LIU Qingsong, WANG Xisheng, et al., 2017. A STUDY ON PARTIAL ANHYSTERETIC REMANENCE IN SEDIMENTS FROM GANHAI LAKE, NINGWU TIANCHI. Journal of Geomechanics, 23 (4): 612-616.
Citation: ZHANG Shuwei, LIU Qingsong, WANG Xisheng, et al., 2017. A STUDY ON PARTIAL ANHYSTERETIC REMANENCE IN SEDIMENTS FROM GANHAI LAKE, NINGWU TIANCHI. Journal of Geomechanics, 23 (4): 612-616.


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  • Received: 2017-02-06
  • Published: 2017-08-01
  • A study of partial anhysteretic remanent magnetization (pARM) spectra in samples from a sediment profile of Ganhai Lake (38°53'N, 112°11'E) shows variations in effective magnetic grain sizes of the lake sediment magnetite particles, consistent with the hysteresis results. Within the full profile, most magnetite particles are of coarse, multi-domain (MD) size, as shown by the dominant low coercivity (AF < 20 mT) spectra, with a few samples showing finer single domain (SD)-pseudo-single domain (PSD) particles with higher coercivity (AF>20 mT). The uppermost level (~7.3~4.0 ka) contains more coarse MD magnetite grains due to higher pARM peaks than the middle (~12.0~7.3 ka) and the lowermost level (~13.0~12.0 ka) that shows lower peaks. The middle level shows slight more fine SD-PSD magnetite grains than both the uppermost and lowermost level. High-field pARM spectrum can effectively identify fine PSD-SD magnetite grains and reduce effects of MD grains. Therefore, pARM spectrum analysis can be utilized to quickly and effectively determine the relative amount of fine magnetic grains in the samples, which is helpful to the study of the paleo-climate, rock magnetism and paleomagnetism of the lake sediments.


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