Volume 18 Issue 2
Jun.  2012
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ZENG De-zhi, LIN Yuan-hua, LU Ya-feng, et al., 2012. NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF HOLE CREEP SHRINKAGE FOR COMPOSITE ROCK SALT LAYERS. Journal of Geomechanics, 18 (2): 158-164.
Citation: ZENG De-zhi, LIN Yuan-hua, LU Ya-feng, et al., 2012. NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF HOLE CREEP SHRINKAGE FOR COMPOSITE ROCK SALT LAYERS. Journal of Geomechanics, 18 (2): 158-164.


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  • Received: 2011-10-29
  • Published: 2012-06-28
  • Salt rocks have very strong creep behaviors in HTHP environment in deep formations, complex accidents such as hole shrinkage, drill pipe sticking, etc. occurring frequently. Current methods to calculate the safe drilling mud density are mainly used in circumstances of homogeneous earth stress. The 3-D finite element analysis (FEA) model of borehole creep shrinkage concerning salt rock and sand shale was established in this paper under triaxial earth stress. On the basis of deep wells of Yangtake in Tarim, laws of borehole creep shrinkage vs time were studied under the condition of heterogeneous earth stress, and values of borehole diameter in different times are obtained when the mud density is specified. Results calculated are very close to the safety drilling mud density field used in rock salt layers, thus verifying the reasonableness and reliability of the model established in the paper. Research results can provide technical support for safe drilling in rock salt layers.


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