Volume 24 Issue 3
Jun.  2018
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ZHENG Liandi, YANG Jiangfeng, YUAN Liansheng, et al., 2018. SEISMIC IDENTIFICATION AND PREDICTION OF C5 CHANNEL SANDSTONE IN THE CARBONERA FORMATION, LLANOS BASIN, COLOMBIA. Journal of Geomechanics, 24 (3): 391-398. DOI: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2018.24.03.040
Citation: ZHENG Liandi, YANG Jiangfeng, YUAN Liansheng, et al., 2018. SEISMIC IDENTIFICATION AND PREDICTION OF C5 CHANNEL SANDSTONE IN THE CARBONERA FORMATION, LLANOS BASIN, COLOMBIA. Journal of Geomechanics, 24 (3): 391-398. DOI: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2018.24.03.040


doi: 10.12090/j.issn.1006-6616.2018.24.03.040
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  • Received: 2017-10-10
  • Revised: 2018-02-26
  • Published: 2018-06-01
  • The channels developed in the Micocene Carbonera formation in the eastern part of the Llanos basin, Columbia, are so favorable reservoir that the accurate descriptions for these channels are key issues in this area. Guided by the simulation of wave equation, the seismic identification mode for channel sand is established. The distribution of the channels is then predicted with RGB mixing frequencies data slices and sensitive attributes. Eventually, the thickness and porosity of sand body are quantitatively described, using constrained sparse impulse inversion and geostatistical inversion. In our study, five favorable lithologic traps of channel sandstone are described in detail. The width of channel is about 322~830 m, and the thickness for channel sand (with porosity larger than 18%) is 35.05 m, which make this channel sand favorable prospecting areas. The result of the drilling W2 verifies the validity of the technique and the reliability of the reservoir description, which provides a new direction for exploration and development in the next step.


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